The rigors of the logging industry demand power train components that are tough, dependable and versatile.  At Franklin Equipment Company, we have been producing this kind of component for almost four decades.  Our power train components have proven themselves in a variety of challenging logging conditions, and been adaptable enough to successfully serve related industries such as agriculture, geophysical exploration, mining, railroad maintenance and construction.

Franklin Power train components stand the test of time because they are designed and constructed with an eye toward the future.  They are built rugged to last, and include a variety of options,  attachments and ratios to provide the flexibility needed to meet the demands of a changing industrial environment.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver dependable, quality components while giving our customers the kind of service they need and deserve.

Good service depends upon quality control and professional supervision, and at Franklin Equipment Company, we meet these needs by manufacturing the majority of our product in-house.  Our own ductile foundry gives us the capability of producing specialized castings in less time and a lower cost.

Today’s competitive market demands quality manufacturing and superior service.  At Franklin Equipment Company, that’s just what we deliver.


Franklin planetary axles are rigid axles designed for off-highway use in articulated vehicles or vehicles not requiring a driven steering axle.  Franklin axles offer gear sizes and ductile iron housings which are durable enough to handle the torque, axle loads and shocks encountered in off-highway operation.
To decrease the wear factor and promote longevity, Franklin planetary wheel ends feature floating planetary gears running on needle bearings.  Additionally, the wheel ends and differential are removable as separate units to facilitate service and repairs.  Wheel end assemblies can also be sold separately to accommodate frame mounting or mechanical or hydrostatic drive applications.  Another adaptable facet of our planetary axles is that sprockets can be mounted to drive tracked vehicles or for use with chain drive installations.

There are three basic series of axles: F-200, F-300 and F-500.  Each is available with a selection of overall reduction ratios and most offer the choice of single speed or two-speed differentials.  Differentials are available with or without No Spin®.  Mechanical lock-in/lock-out is available on most models and a limited slip differential is available on some models.  Two-speed differentials are available with electric or air shifters.

At Franklin, we don’t classify or rate axles according to general data involving weight or load limits.  Instead, we base our analysis of your needs on such factors as vehicle design, application, terrain conditions and axle loading.  This method helps us to recommend the proper axle for your specific application.


• Wheel end mounted caliper disc brakes
• Optional differential ratios
• Lock-In/Lock-out and limited slip available on some models
• Dual mountings pads for axle housings
• NO spin® differntials
• Hubs for demountable 15 inch rims


The Franklin Pump Drive Gear Box design includes ground gears for noise reduction and maximum efficiency.
Franklin has both 2-pad and 3-pad models available. 


Franklin transfer cases can be used to meet any number of power transfer requirements.  From simple drop boxes to fully developed  two-speed fully reversing units.  We can design transfer cases with different gear ratios and options such as brakes and P.T.O.’s.  There are two basic 2-speed, fully reversing models (T-88 & T-108).  These transfer cases all feature hardened steel spur gears, shafts mounted on tapered roller bearings and shifting gears mounted on ball bearings for longer life.


• Dry disc brakes
• Wet disc brakes
• P.T.O. with or without disconnect
• Air or hydraulic shifter for speed range or direction
• Disconnect fgor front output drive
• Optional ratios


Franklin powershift transmissions include the   P4-375, P4-385, P4-410 and the P6-410 models. 
Input torque ratings range from 350 to 410 ft-lb’s.  The simplified hydraulic control valve makes shifting a breeze.  Other features include tapered roller bearing mounted shafts, ball-bearing mounted clutch gears and pressure lubricated clutch packs.  




The “H” and “FH” series of winches are the third and fourth generation of winches designed by Franklin Equipment Company to meet the rigors of the logging industry.  With line pull capacities from 34,000 to 40,000 pounds, the H-42, FH-34 and FH-40 winches are designed to work constantly all day, every day.  They are designed to be vehicle mounted, mechanically driven and hydraulically actuated.  Each model can be specified to handle clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the input shaft



  •  Drop Boxes to correctly position drive-lines to axles and/or split power to two or more axles.
  • Transfer cases with special ratios, either uni-directional or reversing, single or two speed, with or without brakes and with or without P.T.O. (and disconnect).  Units are available featuring a mounting pad for plugging in a hydraulic motor or mechanical drive.
  • Disconnect for drive lines, P.T.O.s, (on transfer case), and for output shaft on T-108 T-Case.
  • Planetary Wheel End Assemblies to accept wheels or sprockets for chain or track drives.
  • External Cooling Systems (when necessary) for constant load transmissions and transfer cases which can be enhanced with increased oil sump capacity.