Franklin Sweed Division

The Franklin Sweed Division of Franklin Equipment Company began operating as a ferrous foundry in 1950 as “Holt Equipment Company”.  Holt built dozer blades, a small crawler tractor and a forklift.  The company was purchased in 1963 and became the Holt Division of Jeddeloh Brothers Sweed Mills, Inc.  In 1965, the Holt Division began producing winches for Franklin Equipment Company, a manufacturer of Log Skidders located in Franklin, Virginia.  Franklin purchased the Holt Division in 1968 and created a captive foundry under the name of Franklin Sweed.  Since that time, the Sweed Division has been producing castings for the winches, transmissions, transfer cases and axles plus many other parts to go on the Franklin Line of Timber Harvesting Equipment.

Franklin Sweed
Ferrous Foundry

The recent modernization of the foundry has resulted in ample capacity for jobbing as well as fulfilling the needs of the skidder line.  Franklin Sweed offers years of experience in the casting industry to provide customers real value for their casting dollars.


Castings range in size from less than one pound to one thousand pounds.

Pattern Making:
Our pattern makers have years of experience plus our pattern shop is
In-house to provide the most convenient and cost effective patterns for you.


Our molding department produces phenolic urethane molds to exacting standards.


Castings are shot blast cleaned and ground prior to shipment.  Milling, boring and turning of some castings can be done in our machine shop.

Shot Blast Cleaning;

This service is available for products brought in for cleaning.

Quality Control:

Quality Control is on-going at Franklin Sweed.  Each process is closely monitored to assure that your castings will be of the finest quality.

Franklin Sweed Division of
Independence, OR 97351