632 Bogie S2 PML header
ENGINE: Cummins 6BT5.9 (152 HP) POWER TRAIN

632 Bogie S2 PML Forwarder Pic

Transmission Franklin P4-385, 4 speed powershift
Torque Converter 13.7 Inch 
Axles Standard - Franklin F-240 Heavy Duty Planetary Front, F-2235 
12 Ton Bogie Rear
Differentials Lock-In/Lock-Out Front and Rear
Brakes, Service Enclosed multi-disc wet brake
Brakes, Parking Spring applied, hydraulic released
LOADER: Cranab 660 Post Mounted Loader (4600 lbs. @ 10 Feet) 1/5 Cord Continuous Rotation By-Pass Grapple and Telescopic Boom with Overall Reach 23.75 Feet 
TAILSECTION: Four Cord Capacity (12 Feet w/Headboard & 4 Uprights)
Option - 4.2 cord 16 foot tail section
LOADER CONTROLS: VOAC Controls with pressure compensating piston pump
OPERATIONAL Center Section Oscillation
Frame Articulation Angle: 42 degrees 
Frame Oscillation Angle: 20 degrees
Optional - Cradle Oscillation
TIRES: Standard - 28L x 26 12 ply LS2 Front600/55x26 Rear
Optional - 23.1 x 26
WEIGHT: 24,800 lbs. (11,273 kg) estimated with standard equipment 

632 pml model bogie forwarder 16' pic

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