ENGINE Cummins 6BTA5.9 (185 HP)
Optional - Power Tech 6068T (185 HP)

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Transmission Franklin P4-410, 4 speed powershift
Torque Converter Clark 13.7 Inch
Axles Standard - Franklin F-345 Heavy Duty Planetary
Optional - Franklin F-375 Heavy Duty Planetary (Limited Slip)
Differentials: Lock-In/Lock-Out front, No-spin rear
Brakes, Service Enclosed multi-disc wet brake
Brakes, Parking Spring applied, Hydraulic relased
WINCH: M31A Grapple: Franklin FH-34 (34,000 lbs.)(15,420 Kg)
M36A Grapple: Franklin H-42 (37,000 lbs.)(16,780 kg)
GRAPPLE: Standard - Franklin M31A Single Arch Grapple Assembly
Optional - Franklin M36A Single Arch Grapple Assembly
Standard 90 Inch opening sorting grapple (8 Sq Ft)
Optional - 102 Inch opening sorting grapple (9 Sq Ft)
- 100 Inch opening bunching grapple (8.5 Sq Ft)
- 110 Inch opening bunching grapple (10 Sq Ft) (M36A Only)
OPERATIONAL Center Section Oscillation
Frame Articulation Angle: 42 degrees
Frame Oscillation Angle: 20 degrees
TIRES Standard 24.5 x 32 16 ply LS2
Optional 30.5 x 32, 67/34 x 26, 73/44 x 32
WEIGHT: With Standard 37,000 lbs. (16,818 kg) Equipment 
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